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6 Reasons Your Website is Obsolete and a Complete Waste

Is your website up to date?

Are you satisfied with your website performance?

A website plays an important role in the success of a business. It is the brand’s digital face and is accessible globally, round the clock (as it should be, if not, contact us today! Moreover, an outdated website design can also lead to losses. A non-responsive website is 73.1% more likely to cause a visitor to leave. 

If your business website isn’t generating enough leads, it’s time to make changes.

Revamping your website and keeping it up to date with the latest technology, design, and relevant content is herculean. Albeit, the benefits of a website outweigh the cost, so the ROI is higher. However, not everyone gets it right every time. Choosing a website designing company in Delhi with experience developing websites in various niches is always recommended. 

A website’s purpose is to provide a user-friendly interface that enables visitors to find the information they require quickly and easily. If website visitors are having trouble navigating your website, you may need to redesign or, at the very least, update your sitemap. The colour palette, page layout, typography, and the pace of transition must all be carefully considered during its development. If any of these six conditions apply to your website, you should invest in your website design.

1. Unappealing Website Design

The first impression is the last.

Applied to modern technology marketing, this old adage holds true as well. A website is a cardinal of any 360° marketing strategy. As a result of social media campaigns and lead generation, all leads land on the website to complete the sales pipeline. When a website font is inconsistent, has wordy content, or has a cluttered layout, the risk of losing all the effort is higher. 

Visual elements hold a key role in a website. Business owners may be uncertain where to begin, but top website design company Delhi advises that consumers are drawn to multimedia experiences, easy navigation, visually appealing fonts, and real images. This has been further validated by market research with a sample of 500 consumers. It was found that 40% of consumers focus on images, 39% on colour, and 21% of consumers are attracted to onsite videos.

2. Cumbersome Content Management System

Web content is managed and published with the help of a content management system (CMS). By leveraging an efficient CMS, you can attract and connect with your ideal audience and deliver tailored value propositions. Modern CMS systems are designed to be user-friendly. If you constantly need technical assistance or maintain a department for the proper software operation, it results in costly downtime. An outdated Content Management System can seriously hold back your marketing team’s full potential.

CMS platforms, like any other software, are often purpose-built and, despite efforts to keep up with modernisation, become cumbersome over time. As a web designing agency in Delhi, we found CMS platforms built even a few years ago do not support multiple channels! Due to the exponential increase in distribution channels, content is being consumed on devices other than the web, such as smartwatches, mobile apps, voice assistants, and connected home devices. If your CMS was not designed to handle this distribution level, your content could become stuck in the past.
3. Hard to Navigate

The navigation of your website is more important than you think. A user-friendly website design provides an optimal experience for the customer and achieves the initial goal of their visit. If the visitor is confused about how to use the website, they will turn to the next convenient source.

Often a secondary navigation scheme or “breadcrumbs” is used to help visitors understand how they got to a page and explore more options.

For example: Home > Apparel > Women > Accessories > Hats

The user can return to the accessories page and then be redirected to another page. Visitors are more likely to return with more traffic to your website if they can easily navigate it.

4. Is there a Call To Action?

A “Call to Action” is an integral part of a website sales funnel for your business. In the absence of a prominent CTA, or worse, an ambiguous one, you are missing out on a major part of consumer psychology to usher sales. Often web developers overstuff websites with multiple CTA, which proves counterproductive.

An experienced web designing agency in Delhi helps you with the appropriate design and placing of CTAs, which are an integrated digital marketing tool.

5. Website Search Results aren’t Relevant

Almost every website has an inbuilt search tool, but only a fraction of them work effectively. The goal of website design is to simplify things as much as possible. Visitors use the search tool to know more about the topic, discover new items, or refind something they previously remembered.

If your search results cannot find the most obvious pages of your website, your content is not indexed. It can be resolved by providing a summary or key metadata from the backend to help users decide which results are relevant. During your next website design, you can even configure your search engine to prioritise selected content “terms”. An organised, efficient business persona is built by providing meaningful and helpful search results.

6. Website is not Mobile Friendly

Every business needs a mobile-friendly website, especially e-commerce websites. It is estimated that in 2021, 53.9 % of all retail e-commerce will occur on mobile devices. Everyone carries a smartphone or two, which has become an indispensable part of our lives. Your website design should be mobile-friendly, responsive, and fit all screen sizes to gain an advantage over competitors who still don’t know this secret yet. The fact that it is a secret is true. More than 63% of Indian businesses have reported that they do not have a website. 

A separate study of 1,250 small business owners in the U.S. by digital.com found that 23% do not have a website. The following infographic shows the thematic responses of the sample.

A Final Thought

An obsolete website design and software cause a major impediment to sales and overall operations. As a reputed digital marketing agency in the country, iWrite India is also a website design company Delhi and has over 9 years of experience in web development and design. With a better understanding of why websites fail, you can take action. Whether your website is underperforming or you want more visitors to convert to customers, we are here to assist you. Contact us today if you want a seamless website redesign and development.

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