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Are You Repurposing Your Old Content? Every Content Piece Matters

Creating new content constantly is an enormous burden. However, in today’s world of online marketing, this seems like the only way to stay relevant. That said, creating too much new content too fast also reacts badly with search engines. So where is the golden mine?

It lies in repurposing content.

What does repurposing content mean?

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Repurposing content refers to essentially reusing and promoting existing content. Say a trend has resurfaced for which you wrote a blog back in the day. Bring that back and viola! You have successfully repurposed content marketing!

Why should you do this?

There are multiple benefits to repurposing content:

Reaching a New Audience

Using a content repurposing service exposes you to a whole new customer base. Especially if we take the trend-based example, new customers have brought back the trend. Therefore, when you show them the old content you had for this trend, they are automatically drawn to you and trust you more.

This keeps your brand image fresh, gives you exposure and a whole new range of customers. 

Bringing Back Great Content

Suppose you wrote an incredible blog piece that did not get the deserved attention. Promoting it immediately after posting it may not work. However, waiting for a few weeks and then nudging it back into the customer’s lap through newsletters and other means puts it back in their minds!

You ensure your content is remembered. And, it is through content that your brand is remembered. Therefore, repurposing content ensures that customers get your old content as if it were new and keeps you fresh in their eyes!

How to Repurpose Content

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Now we come to the main question: how do you repurpose content effectively? There are several ways. Let’s focus on using blog posts to repurpose your content marketing

There are several ways to repurpose blogs for further marketing:

Create Guides

This is one of the best ways companies repurpose blogs. Instead of writing a whole new post detailing steps, simply compile a set of pre-existing “How-to” posts and make a guide! 

For example, say you have various blog posts detailing the salient features of good content such as SEO, engagement etc. Compiling these into one large “The Ultimate Guide for Good Content 2019” post repurposes your existing blogs, while still staying relevant!

This also increases traffic since a visitor to your website has an exhaustive list of posts they can choose from for a more in-depth understanding of what makes good content!

Tip-Based Newsletter

Similar to making a guide, repurposing your old blogs into a tip-based newsletter is excellent. In this case, if you have a lot of old information about a topic, you can put it forward. 

For example, as a clothing website, you may benefit from various kinds of clothing for different seasons. Combining these into one newsletter titled “Tips and Clothes to Survive Winter” gives you a reason to bring back posts from several winters ago.

Another basis for a newsletter can be a general post-round-up. Identify a theme and send out a newsletter with blog titles and other content related to this theme. Using this content, repurposing service reignites customer engagement!

Make a Podcast or Audiovisual Content

If you are based around a specific topic, making a podcast or a video series around your brand is a great way or repurposing content marketing.

Turn your blog titles into podcast and video titles and release them later in the year for maximum impact. Repurposing content means staying with consumer trends, and audiovisual media is always more accessible and attractive.

This also allows you to focus on your brand and establishing yourself creatively rather than spending time brainstorming for new, relevant content. 

What are some other ways of repurposing content?

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While repurposing your blogs is one of the best ways to create new content with existing content, there are other ways you can repurpose content:

  • Turn webinars into video tutorials
  • Create case studies from existing internal data
  • Compile interviews into an expert advice ebook
  • Make a Pinterest board from visual content
  • Design an infographic based on an existing slideshow
  • Put out interesting statistics through Twitter and other social media

iWrite India is a content marketing agency in New Delhi, India. With proficient writers with a strong command of the language, we repurpose your content attractively, making it seem brand new! Our goal is to ensure that content is relevant and gets maximum exposure. 

And, with our team, success is just a call away!

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