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Call to Action: Here’s What You are Missing Out On!

Call to Action! A.k.a. CTA!

Overly used? Yes!

Appropriately utilised? No!

Let’s get into the what, why and how of “Call to Action”!

The anatomy is simple. It is a marketing term. 

A Call to Action is a prompt to the customer which leads them to the next step through the sales funnel. The content in the form of a blog, video, or digital post creates awareness for customers regarding the product or service; however, the call-to-action encourages them to take immediate action. 

Without a Call to Action, the audience is left uncertain as to what to do next. You heard from your friend about an amazing social network website to stay connected. However, when you visit their website, you have no idea how or where to sign up. You would expect directions from the website. This is what CTAs do. 

In order to grow your business, you will need to provide your visitors with an effective call to action that guides them through the buying process, which leads to more clicks, and more purchases with the desired action, eventually boosting sales.

Every marketing strategy should include various components that move the target audience along the customer journey. An instrumental part of facilitating the process is a strong call to action. In social media marketing, it is crucial to incorporate a Call to Action into your posts.

The Psychology of Call to Action

The Psychology of Call to Action

In a world of instant gratification, waiting is no longer an option. 

Whenever we visit a website, we expect to be given some sort of direction as to what to do next. A prospective customer expects the same. There should be something on the page that will satisfy them psychologically. Along with providing actionable purpose to your content, using action verbs like “buy”, “consult today!” , “follow” , and “like, share, and subscribe” helps eliminate the viewer’s decision fatigue.

In the field of social media marketing, CTAs often use emotions as powerful motivators. Hyper-focused around the consumer, the Call to Action varies from industry to industry and evolves with consumer behaviour. Significant events could also influence a CTA to be more social than commercial in nature.

In essence, a call to action communicates to the user what they can expect when they click a button, resulting in a higher click-through rate. 

Creating a Compelling Call to Action

Strategic CTAs encourage customers to take action instead of moving on to the next activity. You can retain viewers for a longer period and engage them in your product or service. The formula works by identifying a problem, explaining it in a simple way so that the larger audience can understand it, and ultimately resolving the problem. 

Any leading Social Media Agency in Delhi will tell you a lot goes into making a good CTA. From design and text to developing the right information in the right place to be visible and to be coherent with the content.

For the text, CTAs in Social Media Marketing need to be cleverly concise, avoiding ambiguity. Make the process easier for your audience. Simply writing “Add to Cart” or “Click Here to Shop” denoting a link rather than saying “Buy Now” helps users understand how to complete the action.  It is also recommended not to overdo your primary CTA.

A Call to Action needs to grab the attention of the viewer. Visual cues involve using a colour that contrasts with that of the webpage to help achieve the goal.  It is also possible to enhance the visibility of your Call to Action digital button by surrounding it with whitespace. When it comes to CTAs, size does matter in Social Media Marketing. Make sure the button stands out, or the copy of CTA is in a separate segment of your content. 

After the text and design of your CTA are crafted, the next step is to position them correctly. An experienced social media agency in Delhi will give you the option to place it near the top or bottom of the webpage. In all three cases, placing a call to action button in the middle of a web page yields the least successful results. Same holds true for content creation on YouTube, reels, or Tik Tok. 

Effective CTAs come at the end or the beginning of your content. 

While We Leave You With That Thought…

Through CTAs, you can encourage viewers to take action rather than move on to the next step. You can retain viewers for a longer period and engage them in your product or service. Social Media Marketing has proven that a Call to Action will help build your business on Instagram or any other social media platform. 

Calls to action are targeted to a large audience in different ways; one call to action is not guaranteed to perform better than another. Terms of consumer behaviour are subjective in nature and require experience and skill to master. 
iWrite India is a leading social media agency in Delhi that helps you craft nifty copies for your web presence including action-evoking Call to Action. With over a decade of marketing experience on social networks, we help you establish a social presence that works in your business benefit.

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