How to Avoid Plagiarism in Your Content?

  • Posted by Aastha
  • August 9, 2022

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Every content agency is aware of how hard it is to create entirely original content. Many people are not even familiar with plagiarism meaning. 

You risk having your site shut down if any of your postings are found to be plagiarised. 

If you’re struggling with how to avoid plagiarism from your content, this is the right blog for you. Keep reading to understand different tactics to prevent plagiarism. 

Be Aware of Plagiarism Meaning!

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Plagiarism is taking another person’s content and presenting it as your own. If your postings appear to have been written using other concepts and information, you will lose your readers’ confidence and struggle to create a lasting engagement with them. 

Your blogs must be original and well-written if you want to get people to visit your website.  Now the main question is – how to fix it if your content reports to include plagiarism? – Keep reading! 

Include the source and quote lines

Making it obvious that the passage is not something you have written but is a direct quotation is possibly the simplest approach to avoid plagiarism. And for that reason, in addition to including a reference, you have additionally enclosed it in quotation marks. It is considered one of the best ways as plagiarism remover. 

Give a source and rewrite the original content in your own words

Remember that paraphrasing someone else’s concepts while giving proper credit is not plagiarism; however, you must present the idea on your terms. It will be tough for you to come up with new words and methods to construct sentences if you have the source next to you as you write, and it’s not easy to use your words. Therefore you need to read widely—beyond technical articles and textbooks. Most importantly, ensure the original’s essence is not compromised while paraphrasing.

Read thoroughly and well-written content on different topics

By reading about various topics, make an effort to expand your vocabulary. Reading books by writers whose writing is renowned for its quality will enable you to take in a range of sentence structures, and an enhanced vocabulary will make it simpler and more effective for you to write. Reading is a worthwhile excellent decision as it pays off in the future, so your time spent reading is not wasted.

Run your content through the plagiarism checker tool

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You might use plagiarism-checking tools if you aren’t sure how well you can write or paraphrase sentences. These will enable you to ascertain whether your article contains any sections that might be regarded as plagiarised. Multiple plagiarism checker tools are available today like copyscape.com, article checker, plagspotter.com etc. 


The unethical practice of plagiarism can affect your research career adversely. Avoid the urge to cut corners since doing your research will pay off in the long term. 
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