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The Results

+4,558 Site Visitors
+4,125,880 Impression
+5339 New Followers
+35% Conversion Rate

Project Overview

A social media strategy can be important to a business's overall marketing plan. This is especially true for a business like HairMD, which provides evidence-based, dermatologically-approved clinical solutions for hair loss.

HairMD offers customised hair loss treatments like FUE hair transplants, dermapen microneedling, erbium glass laser, intralesional steroid injection, mesotherapy treatment, phenol peel, rigenera activa treatment, low-level laser light, nano fat and SVF injections, platelet rich plasma therapy.

This case study aims to evaluate how effectively we used social media strategy in helping HairMD to reach its objectives.

The Challenges

HairMD is a team of more than 150 dermatologists, skin doctors, hair doctors, specialists, surgeons, therapists, OT technicians and support staff practising and working in fully equipped clinics spread over 4 distinct locations in Pune.

HairMD wants to increase its social media presence, engagement and brand awareness.


The Strategy

We developed strategic plans for its social media presence, including determining the platform to use and creating a content calendar.We created engaging content that resonates with its target audience. We shared patient reviews, before and after images and videos. We tracked impressions, engagements, profile visits, and conversions to measure the success of the social media campaigns. These metrics showed that our campaigns drove significant leads and conversions. The iWrite India services Offered for project proven ways to help increase traffic:

So, How Did we do it?

We ran ad campaigns and generated 4, 125, 880 paid impressions and 2, 941, 232 paid reach.

  • We improved their page Facebook page reach and Instagram page reach.
  • We created 1,272,875 Facebook page reach and 4, 558 page visits.
  • We used the Post-engagement Campaign to Increase the Reach of their Postings.
  • If we talk about Instagram, we generated 7,24, 366 page reach and 23, 969 page visits.

Results we provide for this project

Now let’s see the outcome of these strategies.

Now, their new Facebook likes are 189. They gained 8k new follweres.

Their Facebook profile reach is 12 lakh, and their Instagram reach is 7 lakh.

Their paid impression is 4,125,880. Most importantly, they receive quality queries and conversions after social media campaigns.

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