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At iWrite India, we have a comprehensive privacy policy and to ensure that your privacy is ensured we strictly follow it. iWrite India's privacy policy displays how we use and protect the information that you provide us at any stage. The information is taken when the server identifies you while using the website and is kept by the privacy statement. The data collected while you visit our site is to ensure that you have a satisfactory user experience. The privacy policy of the company is updated from our end from time to time so please review the policy regularly.

Information We Collect

The information that we collect and process whilst you visit our website is listed below:

  • On your visit to the website, we may collect your personal information like name, contact details including phone number and email ID, demographics, address and the information of the transaction you enter into.
  • Information on your website if you have one and details of your visits which
  • includes all kinds of communication data.
  • Information that you provide vulnerably while you discuss your goals and requirements with us.
  • Information provided by you while processing a request, registering for information or purchasing a service plan.
  • Use of Information

    We respect your privacy and try not to share any information. The prime goal to collect your information while our website visit is to make your visit satisfactory and to provide our services. The information can also be used for other purposes including:

  • To help you with the information you need regarding our services.
  • Your data is also used to suggest to you our services that may be of your interest when you approve of receiving such information.
  • When we take information from you during your initial visit, it is used to make your experience better and more satisfactory by personalising your visit.
  • We use the information to inform you about the new changes in the website or services provided by the company.
  • If you have purchased any of our services before we suggest you related services of your interest
  • We use your information to supervise a survey, promotion or any other site detail The information including the translation details is collected to process the transactions while you choose to buy one or more of our services from the website.
  • How We Use Cookies

    We use the in-built facility of storing small files of your browser or cookies to gather information about your device. The information collected will not be sold or transferred to any other person. However, if you choose to share the data electronically the information may get leaked and must be solely done at your own risk. When we revive your data you must be assured that it is stored safely. Cookies are used to provide the information of your device and can help in the improvement of our website.

    The information like your general internet can be collected by downloading the cookies on your computer and stored on the hard drive once you accept the cookies. These cookies do not collect any personal data and can be restricted from your computer's settings. Some of the advertising cookies may also be saved to your drive when you click on any advertisement on our website. We have no control over these advertisement cookies.

    The Information Will Not be Disclosed to Third Party Unless
    No personal information about you collected by the website is disclosed to third parties. The information can be used to connect the customer and the company. You can break up with us by restricting our mails at any time. We will not share your personal information anytime in the future without your consent except in the privacy policy circumstances given below-
  • In the case where we sell the business to a buyer
  • We will disclose your information publicly if we are legally required by the law to do so
  • For future fraud prevention and to protect the company from fraud When you acknowledge sharing your information with a third party for any reason
  • These cookies will help us know your interests. Some browsers ask for your information before accepting cookies while some others accept them automatically. You can modify your browser to decline accepting cookies as per your preference.

    Contact Us

    You may come across third-party links on this website which does not mean that we approve the visitor's privacy on visiting that link. You should review the privacy policy before sharing any data with them. This privacy policy only applies to the information and data collected by our website. When you choose to use our website you are agreeing to our privacy policy. Privacy policy keeps changing and any change in the privacy policy will be made here itself.

    Make sure you read the document thoroughly before using our website. In case you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or to know the information that we have collected about you, email us at You can also connect with us on call for any information relating to our services and safeguarding your privacy.

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