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8 Faceless Reel Ideas for Instagram Engagement

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Incorporating extra video content into your Instagram feed is one of the best approaches to improve engagement and reach.

Instagram reels are not only a brilliant technique to increase followers dramatically, but they are also quite effective at increasing engagement.

The appeal of the video is that. It’s entertaining, simple to consume, and—typically—more dynamic than still images.  However, you’ve probably already heard about all of these perks. 

Now the question is – do you need to participate in them to succeed?

The good news is that faceless reels can be equally as compelling as reels with your face or voice in them. Keep reading to know the tips on faceless reels.  

8 Mind-Blowing Faceless Instagram Reels Ideas 

Currently, Instagram reels are the genuine deal. Instagram Reels have the potential to become viral; they can assist you in connecting with newbies, finding new audiences, and giving your business and social media the push they need.

Although it is advantageous to put your face on your brand to instil trust among your audience and gain audience identification, it is also acknowledged that not every person wants to go in front of the camera and record reels. Some people are camera-shy and prefer not to look into the lens. I got it.

The following advice will help you produce Instagram reels without your face and increase your social media profile. 

#1 Voiceover 

Making screen-recorded movies with narration is the first approach to start appearing on Instagram reels and gaining from the Instagram reel algorithm without being on camera.

You may create a tutorial, record something on your phone, and then recite it aloud. This is possible from within the Instagram app. However, it’s not always the easiest to work with.

You can screen record on your phone, chat while doing the instruction, and do the screen recording simultaneously. Alternatively, you can submit the video to the You Cut app and then record your voice on the app later.

#2 Stock/ Free Source Images for Reel Videos

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A post shared by iWrite India (@iwrite_india)

A post shared by iWrite India (@iwrite_india)

If you don’t have something to provide a tutorial for, you can record a voiceover using stock images, still photos, or movies.

You must upload the photographs to a video editing or creative-making software like Canva to convert them into videos if you want to use stock photos or still photos as films. 

After downloading, you can add your voice on top of the video. If you’re giving out advice or tricks, this might work. You can be telling a story or detailing a procedure; the content itself is irrelevant. You can still record a voiceover, whether a photo or a still movie. 

#3 Time-lapse Video Creation

A time-lapse is one of the alternative Instagram reel idea you may create without being on camera.

I’ve observed this when folks tidy up their workspaces and offices. It resembles a before-and-after video depicting time passage from the beginning to the finish.

This is a wonderful form of content you may build to demonstrate the process of creating something, cleaning up something, or carrying out an action. 

Without being on camera, you can make a time-lapse clip and add music to create an Instagram reel while working at your desk or manufacturing a product for your company. 

#4 Packaging Video 

Thinking of product-based brands, you may film the packing of that thing without appearing on camera if you produce and pack those products, or perhaps you send out emails for those products and include your digital product.

Simply shooting your hands or the screen while you type the email would suffice. This video will demonstrate how to package and send the item to clients. 

#5 Workstation Video

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A post shared by iWrite India (@iwrite_india)

A post shared by iWrite India (@iwrite_india)

Many of us who own businesses also produce content. Therefore, you can find many extremely intriguing things our readers could enjoy seeing in our offices and workspaces.

They adore these behind-the-scenes videos because let’s face it, we are all a little curious and enjoy watching that sort of stuff.

Your audience will find interest in any behind-the-scenes footage of your workspace, including a tour of your office or desk or a tour of your workspace. They’ll enjoy seeing behind the scenes on instagram reel. Another benefit is that you don’t have to be on camera.

#6 Free Source Canva Video

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A post shared by iWrite India (@iwrite_india)

A post shared by iWrite India (@iwrite_india)

Making a Canva video is one of the ways to make reels without having to be on camera. From start to finish, you make this video in Canva, and you can save it as a video and immediately post it to your Instagram reel. 

You may demonstrate your goods, tell stories, impart knowledge, display images, and make animated content. All of the stuff is possible in Canva and is free to use.

If you don’t want to be on camera but still want to make Instagram reels, it is most likely a choice for you. Check out Canva if you want to create animated videos! 

#7 BTS Reel Idea

Nothing is easier than videotaping yourself at work, and guess what? BTS would make a fantastic faceless reel!

This encourages other creatives and is a fantastic method for her to show off her skills and persuade potential customers to contact her.

#8 Photo Collage Video

Think again if you assumed Instagram Reels were only about video content. Photographs collection that has been put together to the beat and song’s pace can make for some of the most captivating and effective Reels.

Because you may use pre-existing photographs from your gallery, this is frequently simpler to construct than a film and is just as entertaining to watch. 


Faceless Reels are entertaining and incredibly effective bits of material, whether you’re too busy, unprepared, or want to try something new.

We can help you use IG Reels to develop your brand owing to our years of experience in end-to-end web presence management. A team of marketing experts from iWrite India can assist you in creating a strong and efficient digital marketing strategy to ensure your efforts are as successful as they can be. 

Check out our intriguing Instagram reels! 

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