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9 Innovative Ways to Improve Your Brand Awareness

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Do you want to know the one thing that will alter how you execute marketing?

Your company’s long-term success is contingent on everything your consumers experience with your brand, including what they see, hear, and feel. 

Effective branding unifies your marketing initiatives and creates a cohesive customer journey across all channels.

Logically, branding seems simple, and implementing your brand plan presents the true challenge. 

So, when you hear the term “brand awareness,” what comes to mind? 

To answer this, the intensity to which a brand is acknowledged by prospective consumers and appropriately connected to a certain good or service is known as brand awareness. 

This blog will give you a better understanding of how you can improve and build brand awareness. Keep reading! 

9 Tips to Build Innovative Brand Awareness 

Online marketers have long used the display network to increase brand recognition. Today, we’ll discuss several brand-building strategies that you may do in addition to or in combination with the social media space.

There is no shortcut to being well-known, but here are 9 brand-building tactics to get you started (and keep you going). It’s possible that you won’t gain as much recognition as Starbucks overnight, but it won’t do any harm to try, can it? 

1. Dazzling Content for Readers

Creating extremely valuable, attractive-looking material that other blogs will want to share is another great tactic to promote your company online. Despite what some people may tell you, content writing is still a strong technique to establish yourself as an authority in your field.

brand awareness

Image Source: HubSpot

However, you must publish high-quality content as a guest, but you need to do more than just generic content. You may reach new audiences and leave a lasting impact by producing engaging content. 

2. Infographics

Infographics are a lively and colourful method to present pertinent marketing facts and data. These powerful pieces of content are excellent for thought leadership and brand strategy because they are frequently shared widely.

Look at the infographic of the high DA website created earlier this year; it received a tonne of social media shares and useful links. 

3. Contests on Social Media

Run a contest on social media where participants contribute a photo or video, and other users vote for their favourites. To increase their vote totals, contestants will spread the link among their social networks, increasing brand recognition. 

Image Source: Visually

4. Posting on LinkedIn

All users can now directly publish posts to LinkedIn using the publishing tool, according to LinkedIn. Your posts may appear in many users’ LinkedIn home streams if they receive enough attention. Additionally, adding posts to your LinkedIn profile establishes you as a leading voice. Naturally, you can create your business blog and post there; share and advertise your entries after they are published. 

5. Diverse Personality

Giving your brand a unique, engaging brand identity is a definite method to raise brand awareness. Being outrageous can increase brand recognition if you work in a field where a little personality or humour is acceptable. 

6. PPC Marketing

PPC is a wise choice for having your business recognized on Google because SEO is getting more competitive daily while organic Google real estate is getting smaller. You might appear at the top of Google for pertinent searches if you conduct targeted keyword research. Even if consumers don’t click on your PPC ad, their first impression of your name at the top of the search results is powerful for increasing brand recognition. 

PPC, or pay-per-click, is a form of online advertising where advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Advertisers bid on keywords that they believe their target audience will search for, and their ads will appear in the search engine results when those keywords are used. The cost per click is determined by an auction system, where the highest bidder’s ad will appear at the top of the search results. PPC can also be used on other platforms, such as social media, where the advertiser pays each time their ad is clicked. The goal of PPC advertising is to drive targeted traffic to the advertiser’s website.

7. Campaigns for Remarketing

Remarketing is an effective tactic for raising current brand recognition. Why? Remarketing entails displaying advertisements to website visitors who browsed but still need to convert. Remarketing advertisements are posted on websites your client’s visit all over the internet. 

They will soon come across your company everywhere, including on their favourite sites, while purchasing online, etc. This creates the false illusion that your brand is much bigger than it is (and has a much higher advertising budget). Additionally, it’s a great strategy to raise your conversion rate. 

8. Influencer Marketing 

Another demanding brand strategy is influencer marketing. Making relationships with influential people is another simple strategy to increase brand recognition. Look for influential people already operating in your sector whose products or services you can enhance rather than replace. 

Image Source: HubSpot

9. Paid Social Media Marketing

As organic social media marketing becomes more and more challenging, more companies are turning to paid social media advertising. Facebook and Twitter ads are reasonably priced and aid in increasing business awareness on social media. Even if users don’t convert immediately, every extra bit of familiarity matters when they are ready to purchase something.

iWrite India’s Branding USP!

Making an emotional connection with consumers is the foundation of branding. iWrite India can affect and mould views in this way. But it goes beyond that.

Empathy is the cornerstone of our marketing and branding frameworks at iWrite, and Human-centred brand positioning is what we call it. Even though we employ all the traditional marketing methods, we never forget to give everything we do a uniquely human touch. 

Your brand will be recognized quickly with the help of these brand recognition tips. Do you have any further brand awareness guidance to offer? Post your thoughts in the comment section. 

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