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12 Magical Spots in Delhi to Shoot Viral Instagram Reels

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What does it take to make amazing instagram reels?

Right hashtags

Good content

And . . . ?

A nice location!

With the advent of Instagram reels, businesses have been able to expand their visibility and increase brand awareness. Along with stories, live videos, and regular posts, Instagram reels have reportedly enhanced user experience and further expanded reach to discover new audience segments. Because you can customise them according to your brand objectives, short videos are a great way to maximise impact. Reels play a significant role in influencing the user’s perception of a brand on an emotional and personal level. 

As a result more and more entrepreneurs and big businesses are searching nifty ways of how to viral reels on instagram.

How to Viral Reels on Instagram?

Viral Reels


Any social media marketing agency will tell you that hoping on the right trend is a key component of moment marketing. It allows new people to discover your brand in the digital social media app, which is a part of the largest social networking platform in the world. The process of creating a reel on instagram is easy.

A good social media marketing agency will help you create the best Instagram reels to increase engagement and grow your business. Using hyperlocal and moment marketing principles, the agency will help you create the perfect reels.

Not only with equipping your business with the right digital marketing strategy, reputed social marketing agencies like iWrite India, will you help you with developing SEO content. They would also suggest you three things important for your Instagram reels to become viral:

Location, Location, Location

You can make your brand more discoverable on Instagram by adding the right location tags.  It saves followers from browsing through millions of locations and enables them to reach out directly to your business. Aesthetic locations add more colours and save you the extra cost of renting a studio, making your reels easier to go viral.

Don’t worry about spurious claims on how to viral reels on instagram, instead choose the right location for your instagram reels in Delhi. We explain how in this article!

1. Historical Areas

A city with a rich history, it is not hard to find centuries old archeological spots in Delhi with breathtaking architecture. From Dalrymple to Lonely Planet, we recommend historical sites in Delhi which will help your reels go viral in no time.

History is photogenic, which makes it all the more essential to add heritage to your Instagram Reels.

  • Agrasen Ki Baoli

The 14th century subterranean step well hidden Hailey road is now recognised as a protected monument under the Archeological Surgery of India. Catch the symmetry and intricate carvings of the heritage site while shooting your reel.

iWrite India- Agrasen Ki Baoli

IMAGE SOURCE: @olddelhigirl

2. Cultural Sites

If Nehru said “Unity in Diversity ” he must have thought about Delhi once. You can find various cultures still preserved in many places in Delhi, as their old traditions have not been forgotten by the people.

Showcase your organisation’s inclusivity by capturing these vibrant cultural sites only found in the capital.

  • Chandni Chowk – Old Spice Market Rooftop

In the heart of old Delhi, connect the old world market to the digital world of Instagram. From the magnificent Red Fort to the unknown haveli, Chandni Chowk is a wonderful place to appeal to your Instagram followers’ nostalgia. 

Chandni Chowk

IMAGE SOURCE: @puranidilliwaley

3. Natural Beauty

Situated near the Himalayas, the topography of Delhi holds several scenic spots to capture the earth in its element. 

Forget the green screen and add the colours of nature to make the perfect reel.

  • Yamuna Ghat

A flock of migratory seagulls makes the Yamuna river their home during October to March. Capture the natural aesthetic of the ghat in your short video by visiting the area early in the morning. 

Yamuna Ghat

IMAGE SOURCE: @harmeetsingh1

4. Forests, Gardens, and Birds

Even better than natural beauty, choose a lush green forest or a garden to showcase your green side of business. The flora and fauna adds a unique angle to make your reels unique and build a personal connection to your audience.

  • Deer Park

A pocket of nature, Deer park has been a favourite spot for photographers and filmmakers. With its beautiful sunsets and mediaeval ruins, Instagrammers have been showing off this beautiful garden recently in their reels.

Deer Park
IMAGE SOURCE: @hornkokpleasefest

5. Events and Festivals

Events keep happening in Delhi and receive a large number of footfalls. Every reputed social media marketing agency would advise that such events and festivals can boost traffic to your social accounts. Popularise your brand in the upcoming events and festivals happening in the city.

  • Concerts

A lot of international and national pop singers choose Delhi during their tours. These events are already highly popularised, which enables you to increase your reach on Instagram using concert hashtags.


IMAGE SOURCE: @hornkokpleasefest

6. Delhi Weather ki Hot Spots

Anything looks good in the beautiful evenings in Delhi. Okay, there are intense heat waves and chilly winters, but nothing beats the unique experience Delhi weathers give you. 

Connect with people of Delhi with something commonly experienced by all.

  • Monsoon

You must have noticed how everyone starts posting pictures of rain on their social media stories the moment it starts raining. This monsoon is the perfect time to channel your inner pluviophile and make Instagram reels.


IMAGE SOURCE: @incredible_zaifi

7. Popular Areas

When thinking about how to viral reels on Instagram, take advantage of hyperlocal marketing in Delhi. Delhi spots and areas become popular seasonally, and businesses look to Instagram creators to promote their brand. It might be a restaurant, a small business, or a new installation at a heritage site.  

  • Museo Camera

Imagine shooting a reel in a museum of cameras.

Museo Camera is now a well-known destination in the Delhi NCR, attracting the who’s who of Delhi. Its aesthetic environment makes it perfect for making colourful Instagram reels.

Museo Camera

IMAGE SOURCE: @apnanuj


Instagram reels

IMAGE SOURCE: @sodelhi

8. Transport

Delhi has one of the most efficient transportation systems in the world. Your account will go viral with funny clips featuring Delhi’s unique public transportation experiences.

  • Delhi Metro

Can you argue with the efficiency of Delhi metro? Appeal to the 5 million daily commuters of Delhi metro, and create relatable Instagram reels.

Delhi Metro

IMAGE SOURCE: @metrodoodle

9. Markets Areas 

Apart from seasonal events and cultural events, Delhi boasts perennial markets. Connect to people and make a good time garnering your views for your reels.

  • Connaught Place

Can you think of Delhi without a connaught place? The aesthetic buildings with the geo tag, helps you viral reels with the right content strategy.

Connaught Place

IMAGE SOURCE: @describingdelhi

10. The Outskirts

If nothing, make use of the open lands in the outskirts of Delhi. Often the city life becomes monotonous. The outskirts of Delhi have a surprising number of places to help you break the insta grid.

  • Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary

Southern ridge Delhi forest is one of the most popular urban forests in India. It consists of the Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary and the elusive Bhardwaj Lake. Try trekking at this wildlife sanctuary if you want to build your Instagram fitness brand.

Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary

IMAGE SOURCE: @lbbdelhincr

11. Your Office

Charity begins at home.

Sometimes to showcase your business culture to build transparency, there is no place better than your workspace.

iWrite India

IMAGE SOURCE: @iwrite_india

12. Art Gullys

Graced by talented artists, it is easy to find art on the walls of Delhi. Display street art to attract Gen Z, who coincidentally are also Instagram’s largest audience.

  • Lodhi Colony Art Street

Initiated by St+Art India Foundation in 2015, the walls of Lodhi Colony are adorned by murals made by international and national artists. You should use the awesome murals at Lodhi colony in your Instagram reel if you run an art or fashion Instagram.

Lodhi Colony

IMAGE SOURCE: @startindia

Sometimes a change of location is all you need to break the monotony. Location specific instagram reels increase business visibility within your area. Instagram reels not only improve engagement in the virtual world, but they also boost your business sales in the physical world.iWrite India is the leading social media marketing agency in Delhi. Our team will help you with more proven methods on “how to create a viral reel on Instagram” as well as a superb marketing strategy for all your needs.

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